a principle champion or supporter of a new system.

a surface forming a common boundary.

Dedicated to the long term development of spontaneous ensemble synthesis.

My involvement with the Brighton band Mandragora has led me into some outrageous synth based 'jam' sessions - The 'Beckstock' festival springs to mind, a 24 hour outdoor synth epic!

Solo performances can get quite strange! The 'Simply Relax' festival near Amsterdam featured 5 didgeridoo players backing myself and my son Jan on Theremin, Moog, Roland SH101 and Korg Wavestation.

In 1998 I was asked to play at the Glastonbury Festival. Apart from the constant rain and deep mud a great time was had by all. Unfortunately the stage was within earshot of the 'Avalon' stage where 'Zion Train' were busy pumping out some high octane dance music. My regular 'reflective' set was being swamped. The only option was to join in!! Darren Green was soon picking up the pulse on didgeridoo followed by Grant Young's fretless bass, as Jan and I began the space whisper(!) soon all sorts of sonic pyrotechnics were flying about!

A disaster was turned into a unique event! From this unusual situation the idea of doing something with a freeform ethic grew.

As the 'new age' music scene gravitates towards a more main stream formula, it seems appropriate to look for new ways of performing and recording music designed to effect consciousness. With this in mind I am extending an open invitation to any one interested in pure electronic performance - contact The Mothership.

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