Please feel free to download these files for your own personal use and to share amongst your friends. However, if you would like to use any of this material commercially please contact me first.

Free Music - the healing circle (short version) (4.4mb)
A three and a half minute edit from 'Shaman'.
mpeg4 Video clip - the healing circle (short version) (8.7mb)
footage from a traditional Sussex Bonfire with music from 'Shaman'.



Free Music - Zailass (short version - 3.6mb)
An edited taster of track three, 'Zailass', from 'Enchanted Egypt'.
Free Music - From Memphis to Heliopolis (short version - 3.6mb)
An edited taster of track seven, 'From Memphis to Heliopolis', from 'Enchanted Egypt'.

Alien Encounter


mpeg4 video clip - Nay on the Nile (2.2mb)
Mohamed Naiem performing a short 'Taqsim' or improvised solo on a break from the recording sessions for 'Enchanted Egypt'


Free Music - Visions of Tibet (edit) (2.9mb)
A three minute edit from 'Tibetan Meditation'.


Visions of Tibet

Free Music - Alien Surround (3.3mb)
An exclusive mix of the track 'Travelling Without Moving' from the album 'Alien Encounter' (this is a stereo mp3 version of a special quadraphonic / DVD mix).


Alien Surround

Free Music - A La Belle Etoile (3.4mb)
A La Belle Etoile this is a short instrumental version of the epic 'If life were Death' originally recorded
back in 1976 by my first pro band 'Stallion'. This version is a recreation of Phil Cordell's arrangement which was recorded by the band as a follow up to his top ten hit in Germany.


A La Belle Etoile

Free Music - Eagle Dream (edit) (2.4mb)
An exclusive version of track one from the album 'Dreamscapes' featuring Nigel Shaw playing
Yew Flute and Eagle Whistle.


Eagle Dream

mpeg4 video clip - Master of the Universe (7.5mb)
this is basically a cover version of the old 'Hawkwind' track performed by'Expandis' back in 1981. the video was filmed in 2006 !


Expandis line up

Free Download - Make your own ExpandiFlyer (46kb)
A fun freebie given away with the original 'Flying' album. Requires Adobe Acrobat reader to view.