Illusions - Track Notes

1. Eagle Dream

Dreams about flying take many forms! This particular track was inspired by the shamanistic practice of taking on the form of the eagle.

2. In Search of Avalon
inspired by the myths and legends associated with Glastonbury and the surrounding countryside. Whenever I travel through this area I find myself entranced by its beauty and touched by its magic, triggering wild and fantastic dreams.

3.Edge of Dreams
My 1986 album 'Edge of Dreams' explored the realm between waking and sleeping. With this track I have tried to imagine crossing over into the dream state beyond.

4. Desert Dream
Ever since visiting the edge of the desert while recording 'Immortal Egypt' the feeling of vast open land and searing heat has returned in my dreams, the emotions evoked tend to be very positive. Another example of an exotic situation 'resonating' in some way, almost as if my subconscious is seeing a truth lost to my waking mind!

5. A Traveller's Dream
This track was inspired by a dream I had after arriving at Campo Grande in Brazil after a journey lasting 30 hours!

I can only describe the dream as a 'coming home' experience! It would seem that this is a common dream amongst travellers, usually happening when least expected!

6. Arcadia
With this track I have tried to create a sense of feeling secure, inspired by my dream of a place where I can live with my family and friends away from the modern world, surrounded by mountains, in perfect isolation.

7. Forest Pathways
While I was on tour in Brazil I was fortunate to be allowed to go on a short trek into the forest near Foz do Icuazu on the border with Argentina in order to make recordings of the bird song. This was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and is the inspiration behind this track.

8. A Lover's Dream
This tracks inspiration draws on the portrayal of the lover's dream archetype as depicted in many of my favourite film soundtracks.

The idea of taking an acoustic piano solo and 'treating' it with effects such as backwards reverb and orchestral textures is a dream I have been looking forward to realising for many years.

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