Enchanted Egypt - Track Notes

1. Apostles Of The Interface
In this song we experimented with a new rhythm by Hossam that is a mixture between a Funk/Rock style mixed with the Karatchy rhythm to produce a 4/4 feel. Melodies from the Qanun and the Nay with a shift to the Saidi rhythm in the middle that takes the song to Upper Egypt, folkloric and earthy right in the
centre of the composition to complement the Magrouna solo.

2. On The Desert Road To Alexandria
Hossam is having his new villa built on the desert road from Cairo to Alexandria, He and I went to the site several times during our stay in Egypt. So in
this song we added an Alexandrian style Accordion to this energetic dance composition or ‘Road Song’.

3. Zaiellas
The Aud plays a solo or ‘Taqsim’ followed by a Playful Maqsoum rhythm which supports the delightful Qanun phrases in a loving question and answer style,
backed up by rock guitar and full string section it is as sweet as honey. The name is a play on the word Zai El Assal meaning (As sweet as honey).

4. Enchanted Egypt (1)
The first part of the title track. A short Qanun ‘Taqsim’ introduces an enchanting melody that is haunting and emotional. Based on the Wahda Kebira
(meaning the Big One). The melody turns around several times, shifting to a 7/4 while the Accordion improvises in a solitary way to express feelings of
yearning to the old and ancient knowledge that is long forgotten through the millennia.

5. Enchanted Egypt (2)
The second part of the title track. This rhythm is composed by Hossam, while envisaging the wide variety of styles of music and rhythms in the whole of
Egypt. Put all together in one.

6. Ali Mama
In Arabian mythology and through the thousand stories told, everyone knows about Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. No one has ever given a second thought to his wife. We suppose she must have been called Ali Mama. With all the money he stole from the cave, they must have had many nights of dancing to such a

7. From Memphis To Heliopolis
A composition in 7/4 symbolizing the metamorphosis that ancient Egypt has gone through leading to the here and now. From the strings of the Aud to the
luring enticement of the Accordion. Heliopolis is where Hossam was born.

8. Nefertari’s Dream
King Rameses’ favorite wife and most powerful queen, who ruled Egypt after his death. Governing the whole region and spreading her influence and power,
relying on her unique diplomacy and tactics. A gentle Qanun Taqsim leads into a driving traditionally influenced piece. In this song the Mizmar plays in a
unique style that touches the soul.

9. At The Temple Of Rameses The Great
Standing outside such a place of power for Earth’s Meridian Channels, one can only be filled with awe and a feeling of humbleness at the temple of such a
king. This is expressed by the various rhythms, starting with the Zaar, going to a Maqsoum and delving into the Yemenite Adany rhythm, one of the most
famous rhythms in the Arabian Gulf.

10. El Fayadaan
Meaning the flooding of the Nile. This used to come in spurts that flooded the land once a year fertilizing the land and giving life to Egypt. The rhythm
here also comes in fits and spurts of almost "Drum n Bass" style before going into a spirited Saidi dance ending.

11. On The Transit Of Venus
This song was completed on the day that Venus passed across the face of the sun. We were struck by the distance between the mythological image of this
planet and the extreme reality which is reflected in this song’s sinister Zaar based rhythm and playful melodic counterpoint.

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